Topics for discussion

Discuss with your partner

  • Talk about the different TV programs you like to watch
  • Discuss the different things you could do at the weekend/during the holidays
  • Decide on a type of restaurant to eat at this weekend
  • Talk about the different things you like to read: books, magazines, newspapers...
  • Talk about the different kinds of food and drink you like
  • Decide on a film to go and see together
  • Discuss the different places you like to go shopping
  • Talk about your likes/dislikes in clothes and fashion
  • Discuss your attitude to modern technological devices
  • Social media sites like Facebook, what do you think of them?
  • Discuss the different sorts of humour you like
  • Talk about what makes you scared
  • Discuss the different famous people you admire
  • What is your attitude to animals? Do you have or have you ever had a pet?
  • What is a healthy life for you?
  • Discuss the different sports you practice or like
  • Talk about the different forms of transport you use or have used
  • Talk about the different jobs you have already done and would like to do or not in the future
  • Shopping online or in real? Discuss

Talking about Images