Resources for students and teachers

The British Council
BBC Learning English
The English Department
autoenglish (a lot of different activities here by Bob Wilson)
e-anglais (grammar, exercises, tests, bacs...)
to learn english (a lot of different activities here)
selingua (the online version of the famous program)
Learning English through the movies
English daily
Natural English
Online video game
One minute a day is all you need to improve your listening skills
AbeWeb Minneapolis ABE Online Activity List
English Grammar Online
ESL Blues
ESL-Videos+quetions Mr.Bean goes to a judo class Tatoo's history Homer in Hell A free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation
Free English video lessons
Toporopa Train your brain with Geography
Free English activities
EFL Resources
A new educational paradigm
ESOL courses - free English lessons online
Lessonstream - learn English with videos -teens, great site with lesson plans and ideas
Another great site for learning English with videos- The Lecturer's EFL Smart Blog
Movie Segments for grammar
Word order in questions
Esl Bits (also some practice for the PET exam)
Learning English with Mr. Duncan
Learn English A lesson a day
Oxford University Press-New English File
Croatian site but with good links to English content
MacMillan Global
University of Kent- employability skills

Sean Banville's sites

Free fascinating talks+subtitles


Nik's Quick Shout
Larry Ferlazzo's blog
Kalinago English
EFL Smartblog

Some web 2.0 tools

Qwiki The Information Experience
English Central See short videos- record your voice - go to lizeo online class here
Wallwisher Online notice board maker
Fotobabble Talking photos
Listen and Write example: Harry Potter dictation
Lyrics Training
Writing Fun
The Learning Edge
Real English videos
Vokle Host your own show or live video event is a simple, free online tool for creating collaborative texts.
Web 2.0 search engine
Crocodoc-view and comment on any document organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format
Eyercize online speed reading training.
Scrumblr is a free online tool that allows you to create a virtual whiteboard.
Essay Map learn new words!
The hero movie (funny, create your own hero!)
Create expanding texts
LiveMinutes-webconferencing tool
AV by AOL easy videochat with up to 4 people
Prezi zooming presentation tool
Sliderocket create audio-video presentations
Knovio create video/audio presentations same as above
Translate text into phonetic script


Who wants to be a millionaire-1
Who wants to be a millionaire-2
ESL classroom games
Akinator the web genius
Click and learn
Pic Your Wits Can you guess what the image is? The faster you guess, the more you score!
Games for language learning (including Wordle games)
Wordle Games - what the wordle (low) high odd-man-out 1 2 conversation word order 1 2 what country? find the verb acronyms
Think of a number game

Send big files

WeTransfer to send files up to 2GB free
YouSendIt same sort of programme

Music+learning English

275 ESL Songs for teaching English
Batlyrics- find lyrics+see the video
LyricsTraining-a fun way to improve your English listening to songs
A Break in the Road-sounds from the street, mix your own
MyPopStudio-Create your own and add music+lyrics
LyricsMode-great site to find and print lyrics
ELLLO-listen to pop tunes+do exercises
Musical English lessons international
Songs in the EFL Classroom
Talking Dictionary

Songs in Karaoke

Fever Peggy Lee
Imagine John Lennon
So Long Marianne Leonard Cohen
Come Together Beatles
Hey Jude
Let It Be
A Day In The Life
Under The Bridge Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Don't Worry Be Happy Bobby McFerrin


Running dictation 1 2 the doctor


Template The Lady of Shalott


Deepleap-practise your spelling


Vocabulary building through an innovative interface!
Vocabulary games
Vocabulary word lists
Words to describe people
Graph words -visualise and save the world's fastest dictionary

Short Stories

lower intermediate
upper intermediate
Other short stories
Intermediate Reading

BBC English

Business English
Get that job Beat the keeper game

Utilisation Pédagogique des Films

Académie de Paris
Exploring satire with Shrek